The better way to demonstrate a product

Array is an augmented reality app that enables your customers to see what's possible with your product

A man observes the AR render through a tablet.
A rendered engine floats in front of a man looking into a tablet

Array is designed for impact


immediate interest

Array is not traditional collateral. Presenting with this level of polish and innovation gives your customers an extra reason to take you and your product seriously.


the full story

Array allows you to demonstrate your product (or full product line) in greater detail, motion, and context. It's a dynamic experience that helps your customer understand the full story.


the sale with confidence

When you use Array, everything you need is at your fingertips. You can start and leave customer conversations confident that their expectations were met and their questions were answered — no fumbling or malfunctioning.

Array makes AR effortless

Two phones displaying a car and an engine in augmented reality

Array is built for
iOS & Android

Customize your branded product portfolio

  • Upload and manage your 3D assets
  • Build your product brochure
  • Publish your product to the mobile app

Engage your customer with a dynamic demo

  • Place many products in real space
  • Rotate, scale, and position your products
  • Play animations

Array is built for
iOS & Android

Array is affordable

$250 / month

to get set up with
1 product

$100 / month

per additional product

Let's do the math— that means you can have 10 products for under $14,000 per year

If you have more than 5 products, reach out for a custom quote
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Common questions about Array

How do I get my content into the system?

Array is built to be simple and that starts with setup. Connect with our team to upload your files, add a dash of branding, and get started.

What if I don't have 3D models?

We have you covered. We have 3D modelers on staff and ready to help. We just need pictures, dimensions and a description of any interactions. From there we can go back and forth to fine tune your model and load it into Array. Get connected now!

What does that cost?

Most models with one interaction can be built for under $2,000 dollars, but the final price depends on the complexity of the models and interactions. If you're curious what your cost would be, let's chat!

How easy is it for my sales reps to use Array?

Maybe you've had some experience with AR products in the past and you're hesitant to believe your sales reps will quickly adopt the new system. We get it! But Array was built to be easy enough for any professional to use, even your team that isn't super tech savvy can use it (and love it) with ease.

Here's a sample workflow your sales rep might go through to show off your products to a customer — tap the app icon to open Array, select a product, tap where you'd like to place the product, and place your AR product in real space. It's that simple!

See for yourself, try our demo!

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